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Brianna Tarpey Locker

Brianna Tarpey

About Me!

All About Me!


Hello everyone! My name is Bri Tarpey and I am the new school counselor. I am split between Gehringer and Almond Grove. I wanted to introduce myself and let everyone know I am so excited to be working with your students. I have been a behavioral health counselor/ school counselor for the past 5 years and also work as a marriage and family therapist. Before that time my background was in special education. I live and grew up in Walnut Creek and am excited to get to know the Oakley Community.




What Does a School Counselor Do?


A school counselor wears a variety of hats! You can find the school counselor...

- Running social skills groups

- Teaching social skills lessons in classrooms

- Pushing into the class to support a student

- Providing individual counseling

- Case-managing 504s

- Meeting with parents and teachers

- Utilizing restorative justice techniques

- Helping school culture across campus

- Consulting with teachers about student behaviors

- Coaching teachers on classroom management techniques

- Helping a student in crisis

- Running parent information nights

- Providing training to staff